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Yellow Sheet Report is Arizona’s first and best political tip sheet.

First published in 1906 by Arizona News Service owner and founder James Edwin Creighton, the Yellow Sheet Report informed subscribers of governmental and regulatory matters along with news and political gossip from the Capitol. And because it was printed on yellow onionskin paper, it became known as the Yellow Sheet Report.

The Creighton family published the Yellow Sheet Report until 2005 when Creighton’s grandson, Ned, sold Arizona News Service to Dolan Media Company (later renamed The Dolan Company), and in January 2016, The Dolan Company was purchased by GateHouse Media and renamed BridgeTower Media.

Yellow Sheet Report was traditionally published three days a week during the legislative interim, but was moved online and began publishing Monday through Friday starting in 2007. Today, the Yellow Sheet Report continues in the tradition upon which it was founded, as Arizona’s premier political tip sheet. Each issue contains information gathered from insider sources at the Capitol and state government that is critical to our readers. Inside, you’ll find our “News Notes & Gossip” section, political analysis, news clips and press releases, state agency meetings, and summaries of administrative rules hearings and attorney general opinions.

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Arizona News Service is a multi-faceted Capitol news service that produces the Arizona Capitol Times, Arizona Legislative Report, Legislation On-Line Arizona (LOLA), Yellow Sheet Report and AzLobbyists.  It also publishes Citizen Government Guide, Government Resource Directory, Book of Lobbyists, The Guide to the Legislature (The Green Book) and a host of other special publications and focus issues for the legislative, business and legal communities. Arizona News Service was founded in 1906, six years before Arizona became a state.


Arizona Capitol Times is the leading source of political news from the state Capitol and beyond. We highlight the important issues of the moment, from a non-partisan and well-researched perspective that is critical to our readers. Our coverage influences policy, defines important issues and connects the various communities that make up state government.

The newspaper is published weekly on Fridays, and azcapitoltimes.com is updated by the minute as news breaks. The newspaper was operated as The Messenger and Arizona Legislative Review before taking the name Arizona Capitol Times in 1982.

The newspaper covers state politics and policy with a focus on the daily activities of the Arizona Senate, Arizona House of Representatives and the state’s top elected officials, including the Governor’s Office. Reporters also cover elections, court rulings and the actions of local governments. The paper regularly features commentaries, letters to the editor, an event calendar, legal notices, people-in-the-news pages, listings of state contracts, an Arizona news roundup page and political news from other states.

Legislation On Line Arizona, also known as LOLA, is an internet-based legislative bill tracking service that provides custom tools for researching, monitoring and analyzing Arizona legislation. The service includes coverage of bill activity, postings of committee and calendar agendas, and links to bill text, amendments, fact sheets, fiscal notes and vote tallies. The service also allows you to track legislation, create reports, analyze votes and contact legislators.

Arizona Legislative Report is a hard-copy newsletter published and hand delivered to subscribers every day during the Legislative session. It contains exclusive legislative news, plus copies and summaries of all bills filed during the legislative session, all adopted amendments, a daily record of bill activity from committees and the House and Senate floors, weekly bill status indexes, upcoming committee hearing agendas, and a post-session report of enactments.


For more information about any of these services or publications, please call (602) 258-7026 or e-mail staff@azcapitolreports.com.